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Autobody Supplies

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We are a Platinum PPG Distributor with access to their Automotive, Industrial, Fleet and Specialty products. Our automotive and fleet refinish division features the newest waterborne technology and the lowest VOC compliant fleet products. PPG has long been known for its specialty performance coatings seen on custom cars and motorcycles featuring Vibrance, Liquid Crystal, and Harlequin coatings. Along with our knowledgeable staff we have full access to PPG’s colour library and extensive technical support, and their newest colour spectrometers mean that we can match almost any colour under the sun.

ClipLizard Systems

Use ClipLizard Systems® to address your real business goals: increasing touch time, quality of repair, efficiency and profitability while reducing cycle time, vendor interruptions and invoices.

Find what you want

The hardware: An intelligently organized bin part locating system. ClipLizard was the first to introduce larger, powder-coated, tool-box quality cabinets. The graphically labeled drawers are separated by specific clip groups to keep you organized. Your tech quickly and easily locates the clip he needs to increase touch time.

Get it when you need it

The delivery: Whitelaw is already by your shop several times a week. No more delaying a repair waiting for the clip guy. No more overstocking clips. Getting clips through Whitelaw also means one vendor, one invoice, and one less interruption that destroys your work flow.

Get paid

The software: 3 clicks and you’re done. No other software completes the invoicing process in fewer steps to achieve the same goal—producing an invoice from your neighbourhood Whitelaw so you get paid for clips. Increase your profitability even more by adding all of your Whitelaw billable products to Materials.


With the new VOC legislation in full swing Whitelaw has two automotive lines of PPG to offer our automotive refinish customers. PPG’s waterborne technologies are the head of its class and Whitelaw caries the Envirobase High Performance line of waterborne paints.  Our customers are having tremendous success with this product, and we feel confident in putting this product into any professional auto body shop.  For customers that would prefer to stay with conventional paint, PPG has created a VOC compliant offering under the Omni line of paints, which we stock in its entirety


The Commercial Performance Coatings line from PPG will cover most if not all of your industrial painting tasks. Be it painting steel beams in a factory to give them a facelift, to painting steel structures that are exposed to the elements. This tremendous product is sure to keep the end user satisfied as well as the shop doing the painting.

Amercoat PSX700

The Amercoat® PSX700 product is a proven, patented technology that provides long-term protection and can lower the cost of ownership for valuable steel assets.

PSX700 products provide the confidence of heavy duty protection against chemical contact, corrosion, abrasion, and impact damage in the harshest environments. Equipment requiring heavy protective performance often include Transportation, Oil and Gas, Mining, Agricultural and Construction Equipment, and Industrial Machinery.


Truck and fleet paints are Whitelaw’s second largest offering of PPG products. Delfleet has a very large span of finishes for the truck market, while staying within VOC legislation. Our product offerings range from frame paint to truck body paint. The product offering is so large that a shop can paint an old truck for quick sale, a full show truck or even a fire truck all within the same Delfleet paint line.